The Young Architect Conference in the Press

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Community, Community, Community!

One of the core mission statements of the Young Architect Conference (YAC) has always been: 

To have an architecture conference FOR the Young Architect community, BY the Young Architect community. 

Over the past 2 years the support for the YAC from the Profession and Architecture Community has been 10 times greater than I have ever dreamed it could be. 

In the last few moments before the YAC takes place, I would like to acknowledge all the press we have received, but also share the podcasts and articles about the Members of the Community who will be at the Young Architect Conference. It’s truly incredible. 

Before I leave you with a ton of amazing articles and podcasts, I would like to thank the THOUSANDS of people who have been involved with making the YAC Happen. From The Press, Speakers, Workshop Leaders, Attendees, The YAC Committee, People who helped spread the world and anyone who had any conversation with me about the YAC regardless of the context. 

The YAC truly is a conference FOR the community, BY the community. 

Thank you for being apart of this. I can’t wait to see you in Portland on August 23-25th, 2019! 


Michael Riscica AIA CSI

YAC Press Articles

Below are the YAC articles which have been published on the major architecture publications. This list is organized alphabetically. 

Archinect The Young Architect Conference seeks to reinvent the traditional conference format for a new generation of professionals   

ArchDaily 2019 Young Architect Conference 

Architizer Why We Need a Young Architect Conference 


Portland Design PupYoung Architect Conference 

Portland Architecture Young Architect (and young architects) rising: a conversation with Michael Riscica

Young Architect PodcastAnnouncing the Young Architect Conference. 

Keynote Speakers:

Below are the speakers who will be giving keynotes on Saturday and Sunday. This list is organized in the order they are speaking. 

Dr. Ashlee Kleven Hayes – YA Podcast: How To Level Yourself Up In Your Career with Dr. Ashlee Klevens and Ashlee hosts her own podcast.

Drew Paul Bell – YA Podcast: Overcoming Fear and Intimidation to Become an Architect with Drew Paul Bell and How the Pass the ARE with Drew Paul Bell

Jason Bacher – YA Podcast with Jason’s business partner Brian Burge and their new book Do the F*cking Work

Leah Alyssa Bayer – YA Podcast: Embracing Your Weird 

Mariela Bravo – YA Podcast: How to be a Powerful Force in Your Community

Michael RiscicaEdify Podcast and was listed on 25 Young Architects to Watch in 2019

Rachel Gresham – Recent recipient of the Nashville Emerging Leaders Award

Wandile Mthiyane –  YA Podcast:  Uncovering your “Why” and Your Inner Mission and recipient of the Obama Foundation Leaders.


Below are the Workshop Leaders in the Press.  This list is organized according to the workshop schedule. 

Up Front and Center: Public Speaking in Architecture with Cherise Lakeside – YA Podcast:  Expanding Your Knowledge through CSI and CDT with Cherise Lakeside 

Introduction to Project Management with Anne Lebo – YA Podcast: Project Management

Rendering Workflow – From Shot Composition to Post Productions with Christian Fraser – YA Podcast: The Intersection of Kendama and Architecture

Bid Day: Where the Documents meet the Dollars with Alicia LaManna – YA Podcast: The Benefits of Working in the Construction Industry with Ali LaManna

Women in Architecture:  Discover the GREAT leader within you! With Gloria Kloter – The Gloria and Michael Show

History of Portland – Walking Tour with Eric Wheeler – YA Podcast: Teaching Architecture from the Streets 

Sketching with Bill Tripp – YA Podcast The Vital Importance of Developing a Skill for Drawing with Bill Tripp

Building Your Professional Network.  Build Your Success with Adam + Monica Denais –  YA Podcast: Finding Your Purpose with Monica & Adam Denais

Building Community Resilience with ORLI+   

Alex Alaimo: Kickstarting Your Architecture Career with Alex Alaimo
Dan Horn: Gaining Resiliency in Architecture
Leonel Lima Ponce:  From Open Sewer to (Re)Source 

Becoming an Architecture Content Creator with Drew, Sean, Paul, and Joseph

Drew Paul Bell Drew Paul Bell Youtube Channel
Sean Joyner – YA Podcast (coming soon)
Paul Keskeys 
Joseph EchavarriaChronicling Architecture School with Joseph Echavarria 


Below are a list of attendees in the press. If your attending the YAC and would like to be added to this list please email   This list is organized alphabetically.

Brian Penchow –  Overcoming Mistakes with Brian Penschow 

Edify Studio will be recording podcasts at the YAC – Edify Studios on YouTube

Jan Millan Architecture Student To BIM Manager in 2 years With a Little Help From ArchiCad

Joanna LaBounty (The YAC Conference Organizer & Conference Mom) – Managing The Business, Like a Boss! with Joanna LaBounty

John MaternoskiBuilding the Design Community with John Maternoski 

Julia MollnerBreaking Down Barriers with Julia Mollner

Kristin Slavin The Power of Staying Connected with Kristin Slavin  

Lucas Gray Exploring Architecture All Over the World with Lucas Gray

Luke Arehart How to Make a Difference through Volunteering with Luke Arehart

Michael KnouseUnderstanding the Value of Coaching with Michael Knouse 

Midnight Charette –  How to Design Your Architecture Career with Midnight Charette 

Ruben RamalesFollowing Your Own Path to Success with Ruben Ramales


Below are YAC Sponsors. This list is organized alphabetically. 

Amber Book 

Hyperfine Architecture  


Design Arts Seminars 

PPI ARE5.0 Learning Hub


Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect, and the creator of Young Architect, an online platform and community dedicated to helping the next generation of Architects become the most successful generation of Architects. 
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