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Mike Celauro says that he knew from a very young age that architecture was the field that he wanted to be in. He enjoyed playing with Legos, was fascinated by big buildings and how they were built, and even got to spend time with actual architects as a child.

In middle school career fairs, Mike indicated that he wanted to go into architecture, then in high school, he was able to take some architecture-related classes. In his senior year of high school, Mike had the option to forego English and History classes and take on an internship instead.

In college, Mike began to get more interested in the business side of architecture. He started to think about managing projects and even having his own firm. 

In today’s episode, Mike discusses his topic for his Young Architect Winter Series Workshop and explains what the licensing process was like for him. He also shares some details about a project that he’s working on now. Listen in to learn more about Mike.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode  

  •  What inspired Mike to become an architect
  • Mike’s architecture school experience
  • What Mike will be talking about at the Young Architect Winter Series
  • The title of Mike’s workshop
  • Mike’s experience with the licensing process
  • A design project that Mike is working on
  • Mike’s advice for aspiring architects
  • What Mike knows now that he didn’t know then
  • The book that changed everything for Mike
  • Mike’s favorite resource, product, or gadget
  • Mike’s best timesaving trick
  • Where listeners can find Mike online

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode

  1. Just get started.
  2. Don’t get stuck in a routine
  3. Find your own process

Mike’s Advice for Aspiring Architects

 “The biggest advice I’d give is just figure out what you want to do and pursue it. Don’t just get stuck in a routine and just follow a process that’s given to you.”

Favorite Quotes

“I know that I don’t know everything.” –Mike on what he knows today that he didn’t know back then

“How to Win Friends and Influence People.” –Mike on the book that changed everything

“My coffeemaker.” –Mike on his favorite resource or gadget

“I say just start because a lot of time is wasted getting ready to start.” –Mike on his best timesaving trick

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Mike Celauro
Mike on Facebook



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