Understanding Finance as an Architect with Christiana Copper

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Christiana Copper 

Christiana Copper enjoyed making art as a child. It was an activity that she shared with her sister, and her parents were supportive and made sure that she had art supplies to work with. She says that she struggled with shyness, but she felt better able to express herself through art and in her art classes.  

In school, Christiana did things like design programs, paint sets, and create costumes for school plays. However, her school did not have drafting classes and she didn’t have much exposure to architecture growing up. Christiana didn’t know what she wanted to do when she went to college. She explored art programs and engineering programs but didn’t find one that seemed like a good fit for her.  

Christiana talked to her aunt about her difficulty finding a college program that seemed right for her, and her aunt introduced her to a recent graduate of the architecture program at Kent State. Finally, Christiana found a place where she felt like she belonged. She enrolled at Kent State and received a bachelor’s in architecture, a master’s in architecture, and a master’s in business administration from the university.  

In today’s episode, Christiana talks about what happened after architecture school, what it was like to take her AREs, and why she started a community for architects to talk about finances.  

What You’ll Hear on This Episode  

  • What inspired Christiana to go into architecture 
  • How Christiana liked architecture school 
  • What happened after Christiana finished architecture school 
  • How Christiana got through her exams 
  • How studying helped Christiana get through a difficult time 
  • The study materials that Christiana used 
  • When Christiana finished her exams 
  • Christiana’s blog and Facebook group 
  • What Archifinance is all about 
  • The financial workbook that Christiana worked on with Ben Norkin 
  • Christiana’s thoughts about people supporting other people through the AREs 
  • Christiana’s takeaway from job hunting 
  • Christiana’s advice for aspiring architects 
  • What Christiana knows now that she didn’t know then 
  • The book that changed everything for Christiana 
  • The resource Christiana can’t live without 
  • Christiana’s best time-saving trick 
  • Where listeners can find Christiana 

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode 

  1. Your voice and perspective are valuable.
  2. Work on building your confidence.
  3. Try to let go of your self-doubt. 

Christiana Copper’s Advice for Aspiring Architects 

“One of the things I struggled with personally is just overcoming my shyness and my quietness, and it’s taken a long time to build confidence in my own voice. I think if I were to give advice to aspiring architects, it’s that your voice and your unique perspective are so important, and I hope that you’re brave enough to share it.” 

Favorite Quotes 

“What I didn’t know was that life becomes a lot easier when you put the boulder down.” –Christiana Copper on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then 

“For me, it was Rising Strong by Brene Brown.” Christiana Copper on the book that changed everything 

“I have a really cool timer.” Christiana Copper on the resource she can’t live without 

“When you’re struggling with a decision and it takes you so long and you agonize and you get that analysis paralysis, I think when you can come back and say, this is what my values are, these are the people whose opinions truly matter to me, that makes my decision-making so much easier and so much faster.  Christiana Copper on her best time-saving trick 

Resources Mentioned in the Show: 

Archifinance Facebook group 
Archifinance on Instagram 
Christiana on Instagram 
Email Christiana: Christiana@Archifinance.com
Brené Brown – 1″ Square Method


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