Why Are Young Architects So Unhappy?!???



I received a nasty email this week because, in a recent #ArchiTalks blog post I threw the architecture students under the bus by saying:

…I wonder why many architecture students frown upon working for offices that provide production work on construction drawings.  Wait, I do know why. It’s because they have been in academia for way too long—making big executive decisions as a “star architect” on imaginary buildings in an imaginary world. Meanwhile, the institution that they’re paying lots of money to pats them on the back and tells them they are on their way to becoming the next Frank Lloyd Wright, with dollar bills in their eyes.

While I admit to being a little dramatic, I don’t take back what I said. I know too many people (and myself included) whom have had a very rude awakening after architecture school was over and began their careers as entry-level architectural staff.

A Kick in the Gut

Two weeks ago I came across the only interesting article I have ever read about millennials and entitlement. It hit the nail right on the head.

It spoke very directly to me, and it explained many of the entitlement issues I have had growing up, from attending architecture school—and that I frequently see among many younger people today. Especially Architecture Students.

Please read this article and post a comment below, telling me what you think:

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy


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