Why Mentorship is Important with Tats Nakagawa

why mentorship is important

why mentorship is important

Do you ever feel like there must be better ways to advance in your career? Are you curious about mentorship?

Although it can be a daunting task, one way to make progress is by starting your own business. This is where mentorship comes in.

In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Tats Nakagawa is here to tell us that it is possible and how important the role mentorship can play to your career trajectory.

Tats is an Entrepreneur who has started several businesses and is the CEO of Castagra Products (high-adhesion roof coatings manufacturer) and the host of the Specified Growth Podcast.

Learn from Tats why mentorship is important to success in any field, but especially in the creative industries. A great mentoring relationship can provide invaluable guidance, support and advice,e particularly when it comes todeveloping leadership skills and helping you navigate the often difficult and competitive world of creativity.

In this episode, Tats discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and offers advice for aspiring professionals.

Tune in to learn more about how Mentors   in having a successful career.


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