Building Strong Women – A Celebration of Women in Architecture

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During the month of March 2018, Meghana Joshi posted on Twitter every day, about an amazing woman in the profession of architecture as part of a movement called Project Amplify.

Young Architect would like to continue this movement by sharing those women she featured.  Click the links to learn more about these amazing woman and give them a follow.  There are obviously many more women who deserve the recognition too, so feel free to give them a shout-out in the comments!



Meghana Joshi. Associate AIA, Women in Architect Committee Chair, and Archimom.  Follow her Twitter and read her blog, Talking Architecture.  We cannot wait to see her next Twitter project!




Marica McKeel,  Architect.  Designer. Entrepreneur.  Give her a listen on Entre Architect as she talks about hiring your first employee.  Give a follow her amazing team, and Marica herself on Twitter.  



Cherise Lakeside is a specification writer and co-founder of Fix Construction.  Listen to Cherise talk about CDT and CSI on the Young Architect Podcast or read her guest blog post on Setting Yourself Apart.  Also, read her make a case for educating the Young Professionals.    



Danei Cesario is the 333rd Black female architect in history, award winner, archimom, Chair of AIANY Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Listen to her podcast about Entrepreneurs in Architecture.  You can follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn



Emily Grandstaff-Rice AIA, Award winning Architect, and equity advocate.  Emily's website is a must follow.  You can listen to her talk about Working Toward an Equitable Future.  And follow along with her tweets.



Juliet Chun & Zhanina Boyadzhieva founded Girl Interrupted to bridge the gap between young designers of all genres and leaders in the profession through a three-phase research project.  Read about Girl Interrupted's mission.  




Norma Sklarek, because public needs to know ZahaHadid wasn't the only one breaking ceilings for women in architecture.  Read some of the history of Norma and her successes in Architecture. 



Britt Lindberg is President of the AIA California Council, Arctect/ Senior Associate at Gensler Design.  She says “Ask not what the AIA can do for you; you are the AIA!”  She follows what she preaches.   Read more about her here  and follow her on Twitter.



Betsey Dougherty, FAIA: @AIAOrangeCounty President, @aiacc President, @AIANational Director, Secretary, Chancellor College of Fellows, etc-etc. Know more about here leadership and follow along on Twitter.  




Nina Briggs – Educator & Principal of The Fabric:.  She is working on “Practitioners” a movie about women in, around, adjacent to and outside of architecture.  Follow her on Twitter.




Teri Coates. Architect, owner & founder of “Canvas“. The more we talk, the more they listen, the more they know we exist – Women in Architecture, leading the way by speaking up. Listen to her Young Architect Podcast about being a voice for women or on Ask an Architect.  



Rosa Sheng: Award-winning architect and patent holder, Fellow AIA, and a strong voice on Equity by Design, President of AIA San Francisco.  Listen to her talk Equity on both Ted Talks and this podcast.    Follow along with Twitter too.  





Laura Thomas. Architect, Founder & President of Melville Thomas since 1987. Painter, her architectural watercolors are gorgeous.  Check out her work.  Follow along with her Archimom moments and her Twitter



 Lori Brown: Founder of ArchiteXX. Curator, organizer & participant in Feminist Practices. Architect and Professor at Syracuse University.  Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and ArchiteXXs Website



Laura Oatman. Laura is an architect, partner in Oatman Architects and an Archimom. @Laura_Oatman is the architect from OC with a plan for DC! Know more as she runs for Congress!



Donna Sink, Architect: Stop the false hero worship at the altar of the visionary single genius architect and start celebrating the fact that architecture is a collaborative process. Listen to her Young Architect Podcast on growing and thriving in your network.  Give her a Twitter follow too!




Jana Itzen. YAF Regional Director, AIACC President, Archimom and Partner at Itzen Architects. Proud to have Diverted Design as a part of WIAAIAOC .  Follow AIAOrangeCounty  and Jana on LinkedIn.  



Tricia Esser, CEO,  Award Winning Architect at  KTGY_Group.  and speaker about women in architecure and construction.  Follow along with Tricia and the KTYG Group or connect with her on LinkedIn.




Mariela Bravo has been working diligently with interns to help restore Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria hit in 2017.  Listen to her powerful podcast on Young Architect about being a force in your community.   Follow along with Mariela's adventures on Twitter, LinkedIn.



Tabitha Ponte: Architect, OSHA Safety Inspector, Entrepreneur, Archimom and Licensed General Contractor. Listen to her talk about building large by starting small.  Follow along on Facebook and Twitter




Gabrielle Bullock – Architect, FAIA,  Principal, and Director of Global Diversity Perkins Will  Bullock_Gabby Read more about Gabrielle in the LA Times and follow her LinkedIn  



Renee Cheng: Architect, Educator, Fellow of the AIA, EQxD Change Agent, and newly named Dean of University of Washington's College of Built Environments.  Follow Renee on LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Read about her in Architect Magazine




Debra Sands, AIA: Architect, Associate Carlile Coatsworth Architects, Secretary – Board of Directors at AIAOC, Wiki writer, and the biggest supporter of Women in Architecture AIA Orange County.  You can follow Debra on LinkedIn.



Marilyn Moedinger, AIA. Founder of Runcible Studios, Member of the Faculty at Boston Arch College, Adjunct Professor at Wentworth Inst of Tech. Follow Marilyn on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.  




Kristin Slavin – Architect, Developer, Mass Timber Specialist “If you don’t make the conscience effort to steer your own career, the profession will do that for you and you won’t like it.”   Follow Kristin on Twitter and give a listen to her Young Architect podcast on the power of staying connected



Devanne Pena, Architect. Learn more about her on her website, follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.  “I found out that I am the second black woman to be licensed in Austin, Texas altogether, which is nuts.”




Angela Brooks, FAIA, Co-Principal at Brooks+Scarpa, Co-founder & President of Livable Places, 2009 AIA Young Architect, 2010 honoree “Character Approved” Award by USA Network. Read more about Angela  and follow her on Twitter



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