Young Architect Conference Podcast

Young Architect Conference Young Architect Conference Podcast Podcast


I would like to just chat with you for a minute about The Young Architect conference

An Architecture Conference Focused on the FUTURE.

I Michael Riscica have attended and spoken at dozens architecture conferences all over America and every year it’s been the same thing.

  • It’s Star Architects talking about their body of work.
  • It’s people catching all their Continuing Education Units like they are pokemon
  • It’s spotlighting and showcasing the Product Rep industry, so they can try out their new elevator pitch.

I have learned Architecture Conferences are really MORE about the previous generations of Architects and the Product Rep Industry NOT the Emerging Generations of Architects or The Young People within the profession.

After consistently watching this missed opportunity to strengthen the community get tossed around like a hot potato. I have decided…

It’s time We have the Young Architect Conference

We are going to have a conference exclusively for the next generation of Architects in Portland Oregon.

The Young Architect Conference will be 3 days longs. August 23-25th 2019. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It will be in beautiful Portland, Oregon.


Here is the agenda:

We will have keynotes in the morning

Workshops in the afternoon

And Parties at night


The mission for the Young Architect conference is to explore leadership, connection, and service within architecture. All keynotes, workshops, parties, and everything related to this conference will connect back to these three themes in some way, shape or form.

The Keynotes

Rather than having a Star Architect Keynote speaker, we have strategically chosen Amazing Young People who are doing amazing things within the profession of Architecture to inspire and share. Here’s who is speaking:

  • Wandile – Discussing how he hustled to come to America to study architecture and the work he is doing with his non-profit in South Africa.
  • Rachel Gresham – Healthy workplace cultures within the profession.
  • Drew Paul Bell – Will be sharing his story about achieving your dreams of becoming an Architect.
  • Mariela Bravo – Discussing what is happening Post Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
  • Brian Buirge – From Good Fucking Design Advice will be speaking about taking risks.
  • Business Coach Ashlee Klevens – will share her fresh perspectives about owning your worth at job interviews and in the office.
  • Michael Riscica – I will be discussing The Young Architect mission of creating a more successful architecture profession.

Those will be the keynote speakers of the Young Architect Conference.

The Workshops

After the keynotes we’ll break out into small groups to attend the workshops. All the workshops will be highly interactive and NOT just listening to one person talk at you with a powerpoint.

There will be about 25 different workshops over the course of the conference. Here is a taste of a few of the workshops:

  1. Finally I’m Licensed, NOW WHAT?!??
  2. Perfecting your Architectural Portfolio.
  3. Entrepreneurship for Young Architects
  4. Working in Architecture Internationally
  5. Landing your first clients
  6. Resilience in Architecture and the Profession
  7. Implementing Virtual Reality in Practice
  8. Public Speaking For Emerging Professionals
  9. Event for Mothers/Future Mothers in Architecture
  10. Hispanic Young Architects Networking Event
  11. There will be many more workshops all focused on the themes of leadership, connection and service.   

The Parties.

At night we’re going to hang out.

There will be an opening party on Friday night and a closing party on Sunday night. Saturday there will be many different options to choose from.

The Academies is the last thing I haven't mentioned.

Friday will be the day for academies. Academies are just like workshops,  however they will be longer all day sessions. Academies will be announced shortly and I know you will be really excited when you hear about what we have planned.

The Young Architect Conference is a working event.

This conference isn't for passive listening to one way conversations. It's not for TALKING about taking action. You will participate, discuss, and engage with exploring the ideas of leadership, connection, and service within the architecture profession.

I am personally inviting you, to join me and the Young Architect Community to participate in a conference that is solely focused on helping YOU have a more successful Architecture Career. Space is limited and you can find all the details about the Young Architect Conference at


Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect, Founder and Head Coach of the ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program & Online Study Group.

Hi I’m Michael Riscica.

My goal is to help as many people as I can PASS their exams and succeed in their architecture careers.

This is accomplished with the following offerings:

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